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The 10 Best Vegan Protein Powders

Protein supplements help ensure we meet all our body’s protein requirements, especially at stages when the requirement is higher than normal. Such circumstances include recovering from an illness that has left you in a weakened state, a pregnancy, or it may be for enhancing muscle mass as a bodybuilder. Whatever the reason, the market is flooded with a vast variety of protein supplements ranging from whey protein, beef protein, egg protein to soy and pea protein.

But for vegetarians, the options are not so varied as they do not consume meat and they often opt for whey which is a complete product sourced from milk. But for vegans, their choice is even more limited as even whey protein consumption is against their principles.

What Protein Supplement Choices Do Vegans Have? 

No worries, vegans do have quite a few plant-based protein sources to choose from and these work as well as the ones sourced from animals.

From soy, which is a complete protein source containing all 9 essential amino acids, to pea, hemp, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, sunflower seeds, sacha inchi, and chia seeds, there is a long list of vegan-friendly protein sources. Many supplement manufacturers offer a blend of these ingredients to ensure you get complete and high-quality protein.

Many of these protein powders for vegans are also fortified with vitamins and minerals that tend to be deficient in a vegan lifestyle. This includes iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. These nutrients are plentiful in a non-vegetarian diet, but vegan sources of these nutrients are less, especially for vitamins such as B12 which is found almost solely in animal food sources.

Here we have listed the top 10 vegan protein powders in the online market. Compare them and choose what suits your taste and requirements the best.

Top 10 Vegan Protein Powders

Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs Protein Series Organic Vegan

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Transparent Labs is a 100% vegan protein supplement. The two main ingredients are organic rice protein and organic pea protein isolate. Each serving contains 24 grams protein, 2.5 grams fats, and 2 grams of sugar. The supplement is USDA organic certified.

The plant protein powder has no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or coloring. The product is gluten-free and non-GMO. The rice to pea ratio is 2:1. The texture is smooth with less grittiness and is easy to digest. It also contains 4 grams of fiber in every serving.

One scoop of this protein powder is 37.28 grams. Each packet comes with 30 servings. The dose recommendation is 1 to 3 scoops a day. If the user is not sure about the dosage it is better to take only 1 gram for every pound of body weight in the initial stages.

The supplement cannot replace a meal or be used for gaining weight. It can be mixed with milk, almond milk, water, or even coffee. No cholesterol is present in this supplement powder.


  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Rice to pea present in 2:1 ratio
  • Does not have any artificial sweeteners 
  • The texture is smooth with less grit

Performance Labs

Performance Lab Sports Protein

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Performance Labs uses advanced formulations in its supplement that enhances performance across biological pathways. It has developed its own technology called ‘NutriGenesis’ that upgrades the potential of minerals and vitamins. These are safer, cleaner and eco-friendly.

The standardization and calibration process of the nutrients ensures potency and safety. The company uses patented nutrient forms choosing from the best brands across the world. Patented nutrient forms provide a performance advantage over plain nutrient forms. Only Identified best-branded nutrients from across the world are used in formulas.

The dosage is often small because some nutrients are standardized to deliver higher potency in small doses as they are active compounds. Some other doses of supplements made by Performance Labs work together with the body in producing hormones naturally. At all times the product gives nutrients that are safe, well-tolerated and effective.

Only pure and without additives ingredients are used in the formulation. The supplement does not contain soy, gluten, dairy, fish, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts, preservatives, caffeine, synthetic additives, artificial colors, and banned substances. The other ingredient is the soft gel with which the capsules are made. It is packed with health-promoting nutrients.

Only premium ingredients that are clinically researched are included in the supplement. All dosage information is readily available. It does not use any proprietary blends. All quality checks are conducted before, during and after the product is manufactured. The formulations are third-party tested. Tested by the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA, the protein powder can be used by athletes, amateurs and professionals sportspersons.

It can be used for long periods and the user does not require to have an off-cycle interval. The formulations of this supplement take place in the UK and the manufacturing of the product is in New Jersey, USA. The facility is FDA approved and follows the guidelines of GMP practices.

The company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for the first purchase. The unused part of the supplement can be returned. The serving size is 30 grams or 2 scoops. The bottle has 20 servings.


  • Developed NutriGenesis which ensures safety and potency
  • Independent third-party testing
  • Cleared by WADA for banned substances
  • Clean, pure researched ingredients used

ON Gold Standard 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Plant Based Protein Powder

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard protein supplement delivers 24 grams of plant-based proteins in every serving. This protein has the complete essential 9 amino acid profile. The main sources of this protein are organic pea, organic rice, and organic Sacha inchi. It also serves 4 grams of branched-amino-acid and 4 grams of glutamine.

All ingredients have been certified USDA organic. They are non-GMO and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. The sweet taste is derived from stevia leaf extracts. It also contains grain complex from ancient grains amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, and chia. Pomegranate powder is also included in the protein supplement.

It can be combined with other protein foods and consumed in the morning or any time of the day. It can be used even as a pre or post-workout nourishment. One scoop can be added to 8 to 10 oz of cold water or almond milk and used as a shake after blending. The supplement is 100% vegan.

It also contains organic cocoa powder, organic guar gum, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid, organic gum arabic salt, and cyanocobalamin. It does not contain sucralose. The supplement powder has been tested for banned substances by the world-class anti-doping lab LGC. The supplement is manufactured in the USA using GMP practices. The protein powder does not contain tree nuts, peanuts or dairy. Each container has 19 servings.


  • Complete amino-acid profile
  • 100% organic and vegan
  • Tested for banned substances
  • Delivers 24 grams of protein in each serving

Orgain Organic Protein

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

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Orgain Organic Protein is a complete plant-based protein that delivers 21 grams of protein in each serving along with 6 grams of organic fiber and 4 grams of carbs. 

The main ingredients are pea, chia, brown rice, and cocoa. 

It can be consumed as a smoothie and makes up for a complete meal replacement. It mixes well with water, milk and can be added while baking cakes, muffins, brownies and cookies.  The product does not contain soy or gluten. It has no grit in its texture. Only pure and clean non-GMO ingredients are used in making this protein supplement.

Artificial flavors, preservatives are not added to the protein. The protein supplement has been certified as organic.  It also contains vitamins, iron, potassium, and calcium. The product is vegan certified. It is a kosher product and can be used by the whole family including children. The product is manufactured in the United States.

The creamer base of this protein powder has acacia gum, high oleic sunflower oil, rice dextrin, rice bran extract, rosemary extract, and erythritol. The flavors are natural and organic made up of alkalized cocoa, guar gum, stevia, xanthan gum and sea salt. 

Each bottle has 20 servings with 2 scoops or 46 grams making up one serving.


  • Organic and vegan certified supplement
  • Contains iron, vitamins, potassium, and calcium
  • Can be consumed by children
  • Can be used in cakes, muffins, cookies, shakes, and smoothies

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Powder

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Garden of Life raw organic protein contains is a completely organic supplement that has enzymes and probiotics apart from other nutrients. Ingredients that have vitamins A, D, E and K are included in this protein diet. The list includes 13 raw organic sprouts, peas that are grown in the USA and the highest quality plant proteins. It is easy to digest and does not contain sugar.

It contains iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, calcium, magnesium and selenium. Three billion CFU coagulans are present in the protein powder. This product is free from gluten, dairy, soy, probiotic herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. Only non-GMO ingredients are used. It has been certified USDA organic by Quality Certification.

Every serving of this product has 22 grams of protein and 4 grams of branched-amino acids. It is a good pre and post-workout supplement. People who are sensitive to milk can consume this supplement. It has no fillers, artificial flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners.


  • Packed with nutrients
  • Includes three billion CFU coagulans
  • Certified vegan and organic product
  • Zero sugar content

Vega Sports Premium Protein

Vega Sport Premium Protein

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Vega Sports Premium Protein is a plant-based protein. Each serving of this supplement serves 30 grams of protein along with 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids and 5 grams of glutamic acid.

The protein powder is a multi-sourced blend from pea protein, organic pumpkin seed protein, organic sunflower seed, and alfalfa. Other nutrients that are included in this diet supplement are iron, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber. It has zero cholesterol.

Additionally, it contains 2 billion CFU probiotics. It comes in many flavors. They are berry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, and peanut butter. This protein powder has been accredited with the ‘Informed Choice’ certificate for sports. This supplementary diet has been voted ‘Product of the Year’ 2020, by the Consumer Survey of product innovation.

The protein powder also contains bromelain, turmeric extract, black pepper extract. All ingredients used are of the highest quality, non-GMO project verified with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It is a keto-friendly product. The protein supplement is gluten-free and has been certified as vegan. Each serving is 41 grams; the tub contains 20 servings.

One level scoop of this product can be added to 1.5 cups of ice-cold water or to a preferred beverage for a delicious shake. It can be used in smoothies too. The nutrient value of the ingredients does not depreciate if the contents settle inside the container.


  • Contains 2 billion CFUs probiotics
  • non-GMO project verified
  • Voted as the ‘Product of the Year’ 2020
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives added

KOS Organic Plant Protein

KOS Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

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KOS Organic Plant Protein is a blend of five proteins. They are flaxseed protein, quinoa protein, pumpkin seed protein, pea protein, and chia seed protein. The digestive enzymes included in this supplement are amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and cellulase.

The protein powder is free from gluten and soy. It has been certified as vegan and all ingredients are non-GMO. It also bears the USDA organic certification.

The product delivers 20 grams of protein in every serving. The serving size is 39 grams that make for 2 scoops. 30 servings are available in each bottle. Flaxseed is a rich source of omega-3. It is a soluble and insoluble fiber and low in carbs. Quinoa contains the complete amino acid profile and is also packed with manganese, magnesium, fiber, and iron. It is one of the powerful ingredients used in supplements.

Magnesium and zinc get added through the protein from pumpkin seeds. Carotenoids and vitamins are also present in pumpkin seeds. Organic chia seeds protein contains omega-3 fatty acids apart from antioxidants, iron, and calcium. These seeds have the unique property to increase in volume within 10 minutes of being soaked in water. It can be used as a substitute for eggs by the vegan community.

The addition of Himalayan salt brings 84 minerals into this protein supplement. Monk fruit that is harvested from Southeast Asia has been used for its medicinal value for centuries. It is a native fruit from China and adds to the sweetness of the protein supplement. It brings along a super-antioxidant called mogoprides.


  • Rich in nutrients and minerals 
  • Certified as organic by USDA and CCOF
  • Has the complete profile of amino acids 
  • 90-day full refund if the product does not meet user’s expectations

Purely Inspired Organic Protein

Purely Inspired Organic Protein Shake Powder

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Purely Inspired Organic Protein delivers 20 grams of protein with 7 grams of fiber. The protein is sourced from organic pea protein and organic brown rice. The supplement protein powder has been USDA organic certified and is a vegan-friendly product.

Its ingredients are non-GMO and do not contain gluten, soy, and dairy components. It has zero cholesterol. No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners are included in its preparation.

The protein powder also contains acacia gum, cane sugar, alfalfa, spinach, broccoli, flaxseed, guar gum, and organic rebaudioside A ,which is a stevia extract. It also contains papain, LactoSpore Bacillus coagulans. And digestive enzymes.

The taste and texture are appealing and it blends easily with water or a non-dairy beverage like almond rice or coconut beverage. Two scoops of this naturally flavored protein powder mix well with 8 ounces of water to make a shake. The protein supplement is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

The serving size is 2 scoops or 39 grams and the tin contains 17 servings. Each 2 scoop serving has 150 calories. 35% of your daily iron requirements can be met with each serving of this protein powder. The product is manufactured in the USA under strict GMP guidelines. The product is intended for adults only.


  • Free from dairy, soy, and gluten
  • Contains digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • Zero cholesterol in the product
  • 35% iron in every scoop

Now Sports Pea Protein

Now Sports Pea Protein

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Now Sports Pea Protein serves 24 grams of easily digestible protein in each serving. Every scoop delivers 4.2 grams of branched-chain amino acids with 2 grams of arginine. The product has been certified as vegan, Kosher and is a non-GMO project verified supplement. The protein powder is free from soy and dairy. It does not contain any steroids or cholesterol. No sugar is added to this protein powder.

The protein is obtained from the yellow isolate of peas. Once the starch and fiber are removed the protein is solidified, purified and dried. This processing method ensures the protein structure is not lost. The peas are sourced in Canada and the USA. The protein powder may settle during shipping and can be dislodged by tapping the sides of the container.

The product has been accredited with the ‘Informed Choice’ seal from LGC which is a world recognized sports doping control and research laboratory. LGC has published over 300 scientific papers on methods of detection. The product has been tested for banned substances by this organization. No artificial sweeteners, soy or dairy are included in the supplement.

This supplement also undergoes blind-sampled testing at least 4 times a year. The results are available online at informed-sport.com. The manufacturing process adheres to the norms of GMP practices. The company has been in the supplementation industry for over 50 years.


  • Tested and cleared for 220 banned substances
  • Has obtained the ‘Informed Choice’ label
  • No soy, dairy or artificial sweeteners added
  • Unflavored and mixes well with beverages

Plant Fusion Complete Protein

PlantFusion Complete Plant Based Pea Protein Powder

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Plant Fusion Complete Protein is a vegan protein powder that is naturally flavored. It serves 21 grams of pure protein that include, artichokes, algae, and organic superfoods. The ‘Select Source’ process evaluates 100s of plant species from around the world to build a wholesome nutrition supplement powder.

The company is committed to ensuring its products are free from dairy, soy, whey, rice, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, and artificial flavors and colors.  It includes amino acids and digestive enzymes. All ingredients are produced in the company’s facility in the USA.

The ingredients are pea protein isolate, artichoke powder, organic sprouted amaranth powder, organic sprouted quinoa powder, whole algae protein, alpha-galactosidase, bromelain, stevia extract powder, tapioca powder, silica, guar gum powder, monk fruit extract powder, and yacon powder.

The company is building a platform where product ingredients, testing, and manufacturing processes and standards are shared with the user. The serving size is 30 grams or one scoop. The bottle comes with 30 servings. Its texture is non-gritty.

All ingredients are non-GMO and gluten-free.  Potassium is included with 60mg in every serving. The main ingredients for this protein powder are sourced from Canada.

No nuts are listed among its components. The facility follows the guidelines of GMP practices by NSF International.


  • Non-GMO and free from gluten, soy, and dairy
  • It includes digestive enzymes
  • Texture is non-gritty
  • Made in USA

The Final Note

With so many choices of vegan protein powders, now vegans can enjoy having healthy protein shakes before or after their workouts. These protein powder work just as effectively as whey protein powders to help you build muscle mass and strength.

Among vegan protein sources, soy protein is a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. But if you don’t like the taste or texture of soy protein, then try a vegan protein supplement that combines different protein sources to offer you all the required amino acids along with other nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, etc.

These are nutrients that tend to be deficient in a vegan diet. So rather than use multiple supplements to meet your nutritional needs, buy a good vegan protein powder that’s fortified with such vitamins and minerals.

Most of the above mentioned vegan protein powders are organic, non-GMO products manufactured following strict GMP guidelines to ensure you receive a high quality product. They are also free of common allergens such as soy and peanuts.

Compare them to see what ingredients they have, the percentage of protein and other nutrients they offer to choose one that appeals to you the most. You can easily buy any of these online, so go ahead and place your order.