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The 10 Best Colloidal Silver Supplements

Silver has been used for its medicinal properties since ancient times. The Egyptians seem to be among the first civilizations to discover and use silver for its medicinal properties. The use of silver, in Ancient Greece, for healing is documented by Hippocrates who is considered as ‘the father of medicine’.

According to historical records, silver was used for its purifying and antibiotic properties. Silver compounds were used to treat many wounded soldiers in World War I. Colloidal silver, discovered in the 1890’s, enjoyed popularity as a powerful immunity-boosting element till the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics. However, the interest in silver for medicinal use was renewed with vigor towards the end of the century.

The use of silver is for its antimicrobial properties is increasing in numerous fields. Nearly 5000 new applications of its uses have been registered over the past 10 years. With potential benefits attracting increased attention, many publications have pointed out the adverse side effects of ingesting this silver compound for long periods.

Modern medicine uses the medical form of silver, such as silver nitrate, sulfadiazine, and colloidal silver. The ionic form of silver can enter bacterial cells and disrupt its respiration and metabolic pathway apart from inhibiting the regeneration of its DNA.

Although the antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver are encouraging, sustained efforts on research and experimental studies are lacking. The textile and cosmetics industries use silver in their products. Silver is also used in medical devices such as catheters, surgical sutures, cardiovascular prostheses, and dental fillings.

Colloidal silver can be taken orally, applied topically or ingested intravenously. Do keep in mind that colloidal silver is not meant to be used as a drug to treat or cure diseases. It is meant to be used as a dietary supplement and within the recommended doses, to avoid undesirable side effects. Though clinical trials are on to still establish colloidal silver for use as antibiotics and other cures, it is widely accepted to work well as a topical application and for its antimicrobial properties.

Now let’s look at the top 10 colloidal silver supplements available online in the form of oral solutions and sprays.

The 10 Best Colloidal Silver Brands

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active

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Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is a premium silver supplement used to provide immune support to our body. With 2 main ingredients – 99.99% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water, it contains silver ions and nanoclusters which have been greater-than-98% positively charged to provide maximum power. The silver particles are a minuscule size of 0.8 nanometers to aid maximum absorption into our system.

Sovereign Silver, considering the medical fact that increased amounts of Colloidal silver can lead to an irreversible condition, Argyria, has minimal amounts of silver present in Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies, “the estimated amount of oral silver intake in order to be at risk for Argyria is 3.8 to 6 grams of silver, One teaspoon of 5 ppm colloidal silver contains about 25 micrograms of silver or .025 milligrams of silver. The EPA’s critical dose for a 160 lb. adult is 1.09 milligrams daily”.

The formulation in Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosolconsists of 10 ppm silver per teaspoon which is 50mcg or 0.050mg and a maximum of 350mcg or 0.35 milligrams in 7 teaspoons for adults, which is well under the maximum daily dose and hence safer for consumption.

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is available in North America and is packaged in glass bottles to retain the quality and prevent changes to the contents. It is manufactured in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility and third-party tested. It is completely non-GMO, gluten and allergen free, making it safe for consumption by both adults and children.


  • 98% bio-active silver ions and nanoclusters
  •  0.8 nanometers particle size for maximum absorption
  • Packaged in amber glass bottles to ensure stability and quality of contents
  • Safe for adults and children above 4 years


  • Expensive
  • No refunds or return as per company policy

Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver

Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver

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Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver is a popular colloidal silver supplement since 1994. It is a dietary supplement that enhances our immunity. This formula has quite a strong concentration of silver and is best diluted with liquids, for safe consumption. Made in the USA, Natural Path Silver Wings guarantees pure colloidal silver. It is tested and verified for purity and quality standards by various independent third-party laboratories.

Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver contains 500 ppm of elemental, pure colloidal silver and pharmaceutical-grade deionized water. The silver is not charged or electrically processed and hence maintains its natural state. Due to this and the high ppm (parts per million) concentration, the silver resembles a dark amber-brown color and has a mild taste. But this formulation can be diluted with water or juice and consumed for better tolerance.

The silver particle size matters when it comes to safety and anything more than 100 nanometers can be hazardous for health, Silver wings have restricted the presence of silver particle size to 1-3 nanometers making it safe for consumption. Since the concentrate of 500 ppm can be diluted to 10 ppm for consumption, it provides good value for money.


  • 20+ years of market presence
  • Pure, non-electrically processed silver maintaining the natural state
  • Can be diluted to 10 ppm
  • Tested at third-party laboratories for purity and quality


  • Not intended for continuous use of more than 14 days
  • The concentrated taste may be slightly unpleasant

Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver

Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver

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Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver is a powerful dietary supplement that helps strengthen your immune system. Though trace amounts of silver can be sourced from foods such as whole grains, certain mushrooms, fish and mammalian milk, it is beneficial to consume a natural supplement with colloidal silver. This especially useful during cold or rainy seasons when our body may be more prone to weather changes and infections.

With 10 ppm per teaspoon, Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver contains pure silver and distilled water to provide the required immune support the body needs. The 10 ppm dosage per teaspoon ensures that it is safe for consumption not just for adults but also for children and even pets. Many users report good immunity in their pets on using this product.

Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver is ionic in nature and has small silver particles for easy absorption into the system. It is clear and similar to drinking water. It is manufactured in the USA and is available in blue-tinted glass bottles for protection from UV rays and retain effectiveness. Silver Holistics assures that only the purest ingredients are used, keeping it clear and free from any additives, salts, proteins or contaminants. The product comes with a full money-back guarantee if found unsatisfactory.


  • 10 ppm, ionic silver for safe consumption
  • Suitable for adults, children, and pets
  • No additives, salts or proteins
  • Blue tinted glass bottle to protect from UV rays and maintain efficacy


  • Not suitable for children below 4 years
  • Can cause stomach distress

Silver Doc Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

Silver Doc Bio-Active

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Silver Doc Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is a 100% natural colloidal silver supplement containing pure, potent silver for boosting immunity. It contains distilled water and 99.99% pure silver to assist in immunity support and adding beneficial mineral content for the body to fight against diseases and infections.

Silver Doc recommends the use of Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol to keep away harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes that can cause infections, owing to its silver content. Silver has long been used to aid healing of wounds effectively due to its antimicrobial properties.

Silver Doc Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol contains positively charged active silver ions available as small as .8 nanometers which helps it get absorbed by the body quickly and effectively. Also, it is limited to 20 ppm resulting in just 50 mcg silver per teaspoon, which falls under the EPA’s daily reference dose thus making it safe for consumption.

Silver Doc Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is manufactured and marketed entirely in the USA. A proprietary lean six sigma process for manufacturing is followed. This helps to bring down the end cost to the customer significantly.


  • 100% natural
  • Six Sigma manufacturing process which cuts cost-to-customer
  • 20 ppm minimal dose
  • .8 nm particles for quick absorption


  • Long term use is not recommended
  • Has a slight metallic taste

Kaiame Naturals Silver H20

Kaiame Naturals Silver H20

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Kaiame Naturals Silver H20 is a popular colloidal silver supplement that claims to offer extended immune support to our body. With its formula of natural and pure ingredients, it provides protection against microbes that cause infection and boosts immunity. Kaiame Naturals also recommends spraying of Silver H2O on cuts and burns for faster relief and healing.

Kaiame Naturals Silver H20 contains 99.99% pure ionic silver with distilled water. The positively charged silver particles are of 0.8 nanometers in size to help them get absorbed quickly and excreted efficiently to prevent excess silver buildup in the body which can lead to complications. It also has a high alkaline (10-11) and low formulation of 10 ppm or 50 mcg silver per teaspoon (5 ml), ensuring safety in consumption. It is recommended to hold this solution under the tongue before swallowing it to ensure that the maximum silver particles enter the blood quickly.

Manufactured by its parent company Naturally Sourced located in Texas, USA, Kaiame Naturals Silver H20 is created using advanced technology and equipment. It is available in amber glass bottles as they are known to protect the contents against changes in quality or potency. A completely non-GMO product, with no salts, proteins, or added chemicals, it is safe for use by adults, children, and pets.


  • Natural, pure, positively charged silver
  • 10 ppm low concentration per serving
  • Amber color glass bottles to prevent degradation of silver
  • No added salts or proteins


  • Not suitable for pregnant, lactating women
  • May trigger skin allergies



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MesoSilver is a unique, natural formulation that provides colloidal silver as a mineral supplement. It contains pure silver in the form of nanoparticles and sterile deionized water. MesoSilver consists of pure silver with nano-sized silver particles that have a greater absorption rate and not silver ions.

It has a high concentration of 80% nanoparticles which measure 0.65 nanometres in size. It also has the highest particle surface area, which means that the more the percentage of nanoparticles of silver, the higher will be the particle surface area. Particle surface area determines how efficiently the body can absorb the silver.

MesoSilver tastes similar to water and the solution is clear with a slight amber tint that colloidal silver normally has. Manufactured by Purest Colloids, MesoSilver is made in the USA using advanced equipment in a proprietary process. This helps ensure consistency in quality.  MesoSilver has a low concentration of 20 ppm or 100 mcg of colloidal silver per teaspoon (5 ml). It does not have any protein binders, salts or additives which makes it potentially safe for consumption.


  • Highest particle surface area
  • Low 20ppm concentration
  • Made up of 80% nanoparticles measuring 0.65 nm
  • Manufactured using proprietary Mesoprocess


  • Packaged in plastic bottles
  • Should not be refrigerated or frozen

Argentyn 23

Argentyn 23

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Argentyn 23 is an effective colloidal supplement that contains only pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. The positively charged silver ions and particles are beneficial to maintain immunity and protect against disease-causing microbes.

Argentyn 23 has 99.999% pure silver particles measuring 0.8 nanometers to help easy absorption into and excretion from the body. There are more than 98% bio-active silver ions and particles in this formulation. Also, with just 23 ppm per 5 ml consumed thrice a day, it still comes under the daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD) of 350 mcg (micrograms) according to the EPA +(CASRN 7440-22-4) which makes it a powerful yet safe supplement for the entire family including pets.

Argentyn 23 is manufactured by Natural Immunogenics Corp, USA in a GMP certified facility using their unique proprietary process which helps achieve the high-quality nanoparticles. Every batch is internally tested and validated also by certified third-parties hence focussing on purity and quality. Argentyn 23 is packaged in glass bottles to prevent any changes to the silver content and retain its natural efficacy. Argentyn 23 is free from any protein, additives, and impurities


  • Contains 99.999% pure silver with 23 ppm low concentration
  • >98% actively charged silver particles measuring 0.8 nm
  • Intensive internal validation and third-party tested
  • Free from silver protein, salts, and additives


  • Not budget-friendly
  • May cause stomach cramps

Results RNA ACS 200

Results RNA ACS 200

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Results RNA ACS 200 is an effective oral spray silver supplement that can be used to fight microbes and organisms which negatively affect our health and to boost our immunity. It contains pure, energized elemental silver which gets absorbed efficiently and boosts immunity in the process

Results RNA ACS 200 contains 99.9999% energized silver molecules and pure, deionized water for better and faster absorption into our system. The concentration is at 200 ppm making it more potent, is fast-acting and hence recommended by health practitioners in more than 15 countries. The oral spray helps disperse the contents ensuring effective utilization without wastage and can be taken without food or time restrictions. Results RNA also guarantees that ACS 200 is tested to work against more than 600 microorganisms without destroying healthy flora or human tissue.

This is a completely non-GMO product and is manufactured in the USA at a GMP certified facility with strict regulations and quality control procedures. Results RNA ACS is available as an intra-oral spray with a pleasant and slightly minty taste. It is conveniently small, portable and easy to use. Since it contains only natural silver and pure distilled water, it is assumed to be free from gluten and dairy which makes it ideal for vegans too.


  • Energized, elemental silver for efficacy
  • Strong, fast-acting concentration of 200 ppm
  • Pleasant mint taste
  • Ideal for vegetarians and vegans


  • May trigger headaches
  • No-return policy

Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield

Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield

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Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield is a unique formulation of colloidal silver aimed at providing effective immunity to our body. It contains pure colloidal silver particles and pure water which work against disease-causing germs and help sustain the body’s immunity.

This colloidal silver supplement has pure nano-sized particles of silver which are charged with two electrons which repeatedly increases the potential to destroy the bad organisms in the body. At an extremely low concentration of just 20 ppm or 100 mcg per 5 ml serving, it is completely non-toxic and has the ability to get quickly and completely absorbed into our system.

Nature’s Sunshine uses the unique Aqua Sol Technology in Silver Shield to deliver the micro-sized nanoparticles having elemental silver on the inside and ionic silver oxide on the outside in a colloidal suspension of pure deionized water ensuring a high bioavailability of 99%. This enables maximum absorption of the silver into the system which is beneficial for immune support. Also, since the nanosilver particles are processed directly by the kidneys, it does not destroy the good bacteria present in the colon.

With over 45 years experience in producing credible products, Nature’s Sunshine has an established market presence. Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield is manufactured in the USA using a patented process, maintaining purity and quality through rigorous testing and quality control procedures.


  • 20 ppm or 100 mcg low concentration per teaspoon
  • Unique Aqua Sol Technology
  • Established company credibility and market presence


  • Slightly metallic taste
  • Not recommended for long term use

NutriNoche Silver

NutriNoche Silver

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NutriNoche Silver is a premium, 100% natural colloidal silver supplement with natural and pure ingredients such as silver and vapor distilled water in a low concentrated formulation of 30 ppm. The silver content provides the required protection against various microbes that cause infection.

NutriNoche Silver contains 99.9999% nanosilver particles ranging around 40-100 nanometres in size which have the potency to get quickly absorbed into our body. They react in the body at the cellular level to provide maximum benefits and enhance healing properties. The higher bioavailability owing to nanoparticle size also ensures the body absorbs the silver directly into the bloodstream maximizing the nutritional value from this supplement.

Made in a certified GMP facility, NutriNoche Silver is manufactured while following rigid protocols for quality control. The proprietary manufacturing process ensures that NutriNoche Silver is processed separately and is hence free from gluten, nuts, soy. It is also dairy-free which makes it suitable for vegans. It has a non-GMO product formulation that does not contain any additives, preservatives, fillers or enhances, thus ensuring purity and safety for consumption. Nutrioche also assures a 100% money refund, in case you are not fully satisfied with their product.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Nano-sized silver particles to ensure quick absorption into bloodstream
  • Free from gluten, nuts, soy and dairy
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • May not be suitable if allergic to trace minerals
  • May trigger skin rashes

The History of Silver in Medicine

Silver as a chemical element is classified as a transition metal. It is not known when silver was first discovered but it has been used for a variety of purposes since ancient times, as early as 3000 BC. The earliest recorded use of silver has been by the Han dynasty of China. The Greeks used silver vessels were used to store water for freshness while the Romans used them for storing wine.

Silver is represented by the symbol “Ag”from its Latin name ‘argentum’. Though the silver used for making jewelry, utensils, etc is mined from the earth, silver is a natural element that is found in whole grains, specific mushrooms, in the milk from mammals and even tap water.

Metallic silver is inactive, however, in its ionic state, silver is highly active and is soluble in solutions. The ionic silver compounds like silver nitrate and sulfadiazine are commonly used to treat superficial wounds.

Colloidal Silver is said to have been discovered in the 1890’s. Colloidal silver is a suspension of tiny particles of silver in a liquid. Within the next 50 years, it gained popularity as a powerful immunity-boosting element. But its use declined after the discovery of antibiotics in the 1920s. In the 1970s, silver once again gained acceptance in the medical field. Several studies on colloidal silver suggested that it may indeed have antiseptic, germicidal and healing properties.

Excess buildup of silver is possible due to very long term use and this manifests itself in the form of Arygia, a condition where mucous membranes and skin take on a grayish appearance and though not malignant, is not reversible.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver in its true meaning relates to a solution of nanometer-sized silver ions and particles suspended in pure water. The silver content is expressed as part per million (PPM) which helps understand the concentration in silver supplements. Colloidal silver solutions usually vary from light amber to almost black depending on the concentration of silver and the size of particles used.

Manufacturers of colloidal silver supplements claim that it can be used to boost immunity and cure infections and diseases like herpes, shingles and eye ailments. It has been used to treat bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Many people are consuming this product to treat diseases like diabetes. However, no medical evidence is available for the above claims. Insufficient research and studies do not substantiate the benefits touted by the makers of colloidal silver.

It is ingested orally as a liquid or applied as a gel directly to the skin. Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding itself to them and destroying its protein.

Colloidal silver can be made using two methods. One is grounding the silver into powder and adding them to water. The other is by using a chemical reducer where silver salt is reduced to even more smaller particles. Most products are sold as 10 parts per million. The particles measure 1/10 to 1/1000th of a micron.

How Do I Pick A Good Colloidal Silver Product?

Several factors should be considered before choosing a good colloidal silver product.

  • Particles per Million (PPM): This pertains to the concentration of the liquid. A higher ppm does not necessarily mean a good product. Experts believe that 30 ppm should be appropriate.
  • Smaller particles of silver leads to better absorption.
  • Since water is used in most products, its purity is critical. Manufacturers state that argyria is caused by the poor quality of water used in colloidal silver.
  • Unfamiliar brands should not be purchased. Questions on the company’s research, the equipment and the results of tests and experience should be answered.
  • A consultation with a physician is absolutely essential prior to commencing a course of any colloidal silver product.
  • The user should not exceed the prescribed dosage. This is of utmost importance as silver toxicity can occur due to overdose or prolonged usage.
  • A thicker texture is considered better for effective results.

Dosage Recommendations for Colloidal Silver Supplements

The appropriate dosage is determined by a number of factors like age, health, conditions, etc. With no scientific research and publication, it is difficult to recommend a specific dosage. However, a doctor’s consultation who knows the medical history of the consumer is important for prescribing exact dosages.

Colloidal Silver can be applied externally on wounds or infections. Depending on the product purchased, it can be taken orally, directly or diluted with water. Colloidal Silver is believed to fight many disease causing microorganisms and a ‘healing crisis’ (an initial spike in symptoms) may occur when high amounts of pathogens and toxins are flushed out of your system. To ensure the effectiveness of colloidal silver intake and to avoid a “healing crisis”, you should drink plenty of water, about 8 to 10 eight ounce glasses of water daily.

Colloidal silver liquids can be used in nebulisers. You can spray topically on the skin or use it as a mouthwash. Depending on the product you purchase, you can spray it down a sore throat, into eyes, or up stuffy noses. Its best to use a plastic spoon than metal spoons to measure out the liquids for oral consumption.

Many people recommend the use of colloidal silver as an aftershave or for soothing sunburn. For oral consumption dosage of colloidal silver, the Silver Safety Council recommends multiplying a person’s body weight (in pounds) by 12. Divide this figure by the total parts per million (given on the product label). This will give you the maximum number of drops to be taken daily.

For most silver colloidal products, the suggested dosage is about 10ml per day and can be taken orally. For topical applications, one to two drops can be applied to the desired skin area. To prevent any adverse side effects it is advisable not to consume it for more than 10 days at a time.  For topical application, one to two drops may be applied to the desired area of the skin.

As long as its taken within the recommended dosages, colloidal silver is considered safe for consumption. Even table salt, if taken in excessive amounts, can cause health issues. So practice moderation in consuming anything, however healthy or tasty it is.

Side Effects of Colloidal Silver Supplements

According to historical records, silver plates and vessels were used by the Phonoecian, Macedonian and Persian empires. Families of the higher socio-economic groups acquired a bluish skin discoloration due to their extended use of silver. This affliction is known as Argyria. It led to the term ‘blue blood’ associated with people of the aristocratic class.

Despite the marketing assertions of manufacturers, and anecdotal evidence, there is no established publication of this mineral having health benefits. Nevertheless, many people consume it as a dietary supplement.

Colloidal silver products were once sold over the counter. In 1999 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came out with a ruling that stated that this dietary supplement was unsafe and ineffective. These products were mentioned as ‘misbranded’ as it did not have FDA approval. As of date none of colloidal silver products are FDA approved, though they are still being sold even as homeopathic remedies.

Many online advertisements promote a home-generation of this dietary supplement where there is no way of evaluating its quality. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, colloidal silver can cause severe side effects some of which are:-

  • Argyria – Discoloration to the skin and eyes with a bluish-grey tinge that is irreversible. No medication has been found for curing this.
  • Colloidal silver can intervene with other medications and cause reduced absorption of some of them, mostly antibiotics that treat bacterial infections and thyroid ailments.
  • Extended use of colloidal silver leads to its accumulation in the liver and spleen apart from muscles, skin and the brain.
  • Silver nitrate has a corrosive capability and can be fatal if swallowed accidentally.
  • The silver nanoparticle can also be inhaled and create deposits in various organs.
  • Excretion of silver is dependant on the production of bile from the liver.
  • Authors of the Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals have noted that animals exposed repeatedly to silver suffered from enlargement of the heart, stunted growth, and harmful liver changes.
  • Very little evidence is available to support the beneficial claims of colloidal silver.

Regeneration Of Tissue Using Silver Ions

In 1998, Dr Becker received a U.S. patent for his techniques and devices involved in tissue regeneration using silver ions.

Robert O.Becker M.D. was a surgeon at Syracuse Medical University. He was a pioneer in the treatment of open infected wounds. Dr. Becker used electrically generated silver ions to a bone infection that causes open wounds in the flesh. Silver ions were directed to the wounds with the use of a small battery-operated colloidal silver generator at 0.9 volts. The silver ions not only killed the infection but also jump-started the regrowth of tissue. He showed that colloidal silver does not damage cells but helps in rebuilding cells and tissue.

Becker concluded his study by stating:

Exposure of normal human cells in wounds to electrically generated free silver ions results in the production of an exudate containing approximately 10-15% of cells with the same primitive morphological characteristics (as stem cells). Healing rates in these wounds are significantly accelerated and are accompanied by enhanced healing of bone, soft tissue, nerve and skin with replacement of missing tissues by histologically normal tissues.

In a later study, “Induced Dedifferentiation: A Possible Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cell Transplants,” Becker wrote of his results:

“Induction of local tissue regeneration in humans would best be accomplished if the patient’s own cells at the desired site could be caused to dedifferentiate into the required embryonic stem cells.

Since 1975 clinical use of electric introduction of free silver ions for treating wounds has been in use. The process involved the stimulation of mature cells returning to a pre-developed state to perform more generalized functions. This is called the dedifferentiation of mature human cells.

Becker continued his work through the 1970s and 80s using his methods. He was able to bring about the regrowth of even organs in rats under lab conditions. He went on to publish two books where the research, study, and successes have been documented.

‘The Body Electric’ became a national bestseller in the 80s and also his second book, ‘Cross Currents’. These books give great insights into the regenerative power of electrically generated silver ions for the regrowth of tissues and wound healing.

Other Scientific Studies Supporting Benefits of Colloidal Silver

  • Chronic rhinosinusitis without polyposis is a common condition that irritates the linings of the sinuses. Treatments include antibiotics or surgery, however, resistant strains are present. Recent studies have shown that colloidal silver eliminates bacteria in vitro sinusitis biofilms under lab conditions.  In a 2016 study, researchers administered topical silver colloid for a period of 6 weeks. They noted that colloidal silver may be useful in the treatment plan of patients with refractory CRS.
  • The upswing of bacterial resistance to antibiotics has become a cause for concern to the medical body and has motivated them to continue the search for alternative antimicrobial agents that can destroy these microorganisms with no damage and minimal costs. It was found that colloidal silver has certain healing properties and was effective in treating septic wounds with low toxicity and negligible or absent resistance.
  • A study was conducted at the Federal Medical Centre with ten clinically isolated bacteria taken from the wound sites of burnt patients at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital. The study was to evaluate the interaction with colloidal silver at 5 and 20 ppm using a dilution method called Agar. The tests showed that the isolates were reacting to the concentrates of 5 and 20 ppm of colloidal silver. It did not allow the bacteria to grow. It works by blocking oxygen metabolism and kills the microbes within a short span of time. The killing-rate was not dependent on the concentration of colloidal silver.
  • This study concluded that colloidal silver can be suggested and an alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of diseases. Further studies and continued research will bring more clarity and regulation in its manufacture and benefits.
  • Studies have also shown the effectiveness of the use of silver in treating burn wounds. Silver solutions or silver gauze are used in hospitals. Data on studies conducted in 2013 have shown that under lab conditions ionic colloidal silver works against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and is less active with fungi.
  • Continued research has been encouraging on the effects of colloidal silver on cancer cells. Nanoparticles of silver are being studied and researched extensively for its use in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Physical, chemical and biological methods are applied in the study. Proper categorization and characteristics are being enlisted.  Nanotechnology has opened the door for the application of nanomedicine. Applications of silver nanoparticles as an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent are being tested. Also, its limitations and future development are under focus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Colloidal Silver

What Happens When Colloidal Silver Is Ingested?

The ionic silver present in the colloidal silver solutions comes into contact with Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is produced in the stomach for food digestion. The chloride ion combines with the silver ion to form silver chloride which is insoluble. The silver particles do not react to the acid present in the stomach as it is a metal. Some pass through the GI tract and get absorbed into the bloodstream killing pathogens that come into contact. The silver chloride that does not get absorbed passes out of the body with waste. Those in the bloodstream are filtered out by the kidney and passes out with urine.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared it unsafe as a dietary supplement in 1999 though silver has been used since ancient times for its healing properties.Overdose or long term usage is harmful. Be aware of the risks and use only within the recommended dosage limits, under the guidance of your physician.

How Much Colloidal Silver Is Harmful?

There is no clarity on the amount of colloidal silver that is harmful. However, it can get accumulated over months and years and appear as a blue-gray discoloration of the skin, eyes, internal organs, nails and gums. This infection is called Argyria for which there is no known cure. It remains even if the user stops taking silver compounds.

The Final Note on Colloidal Silver Supplements

As silver is a metal it cannot be patented and so companies are unwilling to fund any research. Scientific evidence does not support any beneficial use of silver as a dietary supplement. Evidence of its benefits has been found only in labs and in animals. Certain homeopathic medicines contain this silver compound. It is also used in bandages, dressings for burn wounds and to treat skin infections.

Manufacturers of colloidal silver claim that their products are cure-alls, boosting immunity and fighting bacteria, viruses, cancer, and HIV/AIDS and diabetes. Though outstanding results as discovered by Dr. Becker motivate the scientific community to look for an alternative to antibiotics, it has not garnered sufficient interest for continued funding and research on the benefits of colloidal silver.

Long term usage can cause silver particles to settle into the organs in the body and gives the skin a bluish-grey appearance. However, the occasional topical application does not produce this result and may prove beneficial in treating wounds and infections. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it may boost immunity. A consultation with a physician is recommended before starting on a course of colloidal silver.


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