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ShapeWorks™ Weight Loss Programs

Developed using the latest in nutritional science, ShapeWorks™ is a revolutionary weight-loss program that uses your unique body composition to personalize the right plan for you — a plan thatís hassle-free, lets you enjoy nutritious protein shakes that help to control hunger, and colorful meals. ShapeWorks™ helps you achieve healthy results that, along with exercise, can last a lifetime!

We offer you the choice of three weight loss programs — QuickStart, Advanced and Ultimate. A fourth program, Weight Maintenance, helps you stay lean once you reach your weight-loss goal. Use the information below to select the ideal program for you.

ShapeWorks QuickStart Weight Loss Program ShapeWorks™ Quick Start Plus Weight Loss Program
Healthy weight loss with protein flexibility for hunger control.

ShapeWorks Advanced Weight Loss Program ShapeWorks™ Advanced Plus Weight Loss Program
Weight loss with enhancers and protein flexibility.

ShapeWorks Ultimate Weight Loss Program ShapeWorks™ Ultimate Plus Weight Loss Program
Maximum weight-loss support with extra enhancers, protein snacks and protein flexibility.

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