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NRG Energy Tablets, Drink
[+] NRG Energy Tablets, Drink

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NRG Energy Tablets

An all-natural lift to improve your day!
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  • For a high-powered, natural "pick-me-up"
    NRG Energy Tablets may just be the spirited and refreshing stimulant you’ve been looking for.
  • For your best performance
    NRG tablets two to four times a day can help improve your sports’ performance and physical endurance.
  • Energy when you need it
    Convenient and easy to carry wherever you go — all you need is a glass of water and one tablet to boost your energy on the spot.
Have you ever fallen asleep at your desk after lunch? Or, worked late on an important project, and just can’t think clearly anymore? Or, do you occasionally need more stamina to improve a workout performance?

At times like this we might reach for another bitter cup of coffee, perhaps laden with sugar or a sugar substitute and a shot of heavy cream. Or, if we’re working out and counting calories, we could grab a diet soda containing a myriad of processed chemicals. Either way, the result can be less than satisfying.

An all-natural, healthy alternative can be found in the stimulating properties of the legendary Guarana berry from the rainforests of Brazil. Guarana has been harvested and used for centuries by the Amazon Indians for physical and mental energy. With its reputation as a natural tonic, botantists today believe that the current plants are actually the same as those cultivated thousands of years ago.

Herbalife has captured the rejuvenating qualities of raw Guarana in its NRG Energy tablets, formulating the natural fruit into a single tablet designed to deliver an instant, natural lift.

Keep some in your purse, your glove compartment or packed in your gym bag and take one whenever your spirits are lagging or you need an energy boost!

NRG Energy Tablets, Drink
[+] NRG Energy Tablets, Drink

View NRG Energy Tablets, Drink Product Label (PDF)

NRG Energy Drink (Tea Mix)

A refreshing drink that invigorates — naturally
  • All-natural
    NRG Energy Drink is a pleasant, natural substitute for chemically laden soft drinks.
  • Instant lift
    Contains Guarana, a botanical that grows in the wilds along the Amazon River, known for producing an instant energy boost.
  • Delicious hot or cold
    NRG Energy Drink has a zesty citrus flavor and can be served as hot tea.
  • Convenient anywhere
    Whether at home, work or play, NRG Energy Drink mixes instantly with water.
Do you sometimes want a refreshing drink to uplift your spirits and boost your energy, but you don’t care for coffee or sodas?

With today’s hectic lifestyles, sometimes we’re so busy we don’t stop to think about what we’re drinking when we grab a soft drink for quick rejuvenation. The chemicals, sugar or sugar substitutes, sodium and caffeine may not be good for us on a consistent basis.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy-to-use, naturally-brisk drink readily available to increase your vim and vigor?

Berries from the Guarana plant have been processed and used for centuries by the Amazon Indians as a natural stimulant. Herbalife has captured the botanical qualities of authentic Guarana in its NRG Energy Drink (Tea Mix), which provides a spirited and refreshing lift whenever you need it.

Although only two servings a day are recommended, you will discover your favorite times to have it. Try a hot cup when you arise in the morning, or sprinkle some in your breakfast nutritional shake, or on your cereal, for an invigorating “pick-me-up.”

You can mix a small amount with spring water and carry it in a bottle to your mid-day workout at the gym. Or have a cup with scones or pastries for a crisp “afternoon tea.” This versatile, vitalizing tea can even perk you up during a late-night study session!

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