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Specialized Internal Program
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Herbal Aloe Drink (PDF)
Florafiber (PDF)
Schizandra Plus (PDF)

Specialized Internal Program

A complete "kit" for internal cleansing featuring three herbal-based products that provide natural solutions:

  • Herbal Aloe Drink — Nature`s beverage for intestinal good health (gallon container).
  • Florafiber — Helps maintain the proper balance of friendly flora in your intestines.
  • Schizandra Plus — An antioxidant product that also prevents deterioration of lipids and essential oils including Omega-3 fatty acids.

Looking and feeling your best begins with maintaining good internal health. The Specialized Internal Program combines three of our prime herbal-based formulas, Herbal Aloe Drink, FloraFiber and Schizandra Plus, to help promote optimal fitness on the inside, so you look and feel your radiant best.

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