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A Results-Oriented Formula For The Serious Bodybuilder (Weight-Gain Too!)

Bulk & Muscle Formula Protein Drink Mix

  • Energy boost
    Contains a unique carbohydrate-complex blend, which is used to provide energy for exercising and helping to rebuild muscle and as a protein-sparing nutrient during peak muscle exertion.
  • Protein digestibility
    Contains Protomyosin™ , which has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid (PDCAA) score of 1.00, the highest score for labeling protein quality.
  • Muscle-mass development
    Formulated for needs of individuals involved in muscle-mass development programs. Muscle growth is stimulated by specific resistance exercise dictated by physiology, anatomy and biomechanics.
  • Contains 30 grams of protein.
  • Formulated with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, carbohydrates and energy-boosting herbs.
  • Includes Protomyosin™, which is isolated soy protein, caseinate, whey protein concentrate, egg albumin and aminio acid L-glutamine.
  • Contains Aminogen®, a phytoenzyme system that accelerates the digestion of complex proteins.
Few will argue that nutrition plays a critical role in everyone’s health, but it is especially important for athletes involved in muscle-mass development. Even the most powerful athletes can’t reach their potential without proper nutrition.

Protein is essential to assist the body in maintaining muscle mass throughout life, which is necessary to carry our skeletal system. Without it, we lose our balance, mobility and independence; thus, greatly reducing our quality of life. Athletes must provide their bodies with high-quality protein to assist in repairing and regenerating muscle fibrils.

For serious athletes and bodybuilders, the Bulk & Muscle Formula Protein Drink Mix provides the extra necessary nutrition. A results-oriented formula designed to meet the extra nutritional requirements of athletes involved in muscle-mass development. With 30 grams of protein, it also contains natural performance enhancers and a premium blend of energy-boosting herbs.

Nutrition plays a key role during the acute exercise phase by providing the energy, micronutrients and muscle-building factors to maximize exercise effort. If essential amino acids and metabolic catalysts for muscle growth are in short supply, muscle and strength gains are less than maximum. The Bulk & Muscle Formula has been created so that nutrition is never a limiting factor during exercise or recovery.

It's easy to prepare a delicious shake! Just blend 2 level scoops with 12 fl.oz. of purified water, milk or your favorite beverage and adjust taste as desired. For general use, take two shakes daily. Add a third shake if your lean body mass is above 200 lbs. (90 kg) and if you are interested in putting on muscle. For optimum results, one shake should be taken within 45 minutes of finishing your workout.

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