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Protein-Rich, Low-Carbohydrate Bars

A low-calorie, fat-free treat that helps you feel full and satisfied between meals.

  • Safe and fast weight loss
    This nutritionally balanced bar is scientifically developed with vital nutrients to support good health as well as facilitate quick weight loss.
  • Satisfies hunger
    Because the bar is high in protein, it can help stop hunger pangs and satisfy cravings.
  • Guilt-free snacking
    Provides a delicious-tasting treat anytime, anywhere.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a snack whenever you want it and not feel guilty because it’s fattening and not on your diet? Now try to find a snack low in carbohydrates!

When snack time comes around, many people opt for the candy machine or eat nutritionally depleted fast food. Dieters also face challenges when it comes to "between-meal" treats. Some try to ignore their growling stomachs, while others "cheat" a little and satisfy their cravings with high-fat or calorie-rich snacks.

Now there is a nutritionally sound solution that will satisfy your hunger, boost your energy and indulge your tastebuds. Introducing the Thermojetics Protein Bar. This delicious, high-protein snack bar is loaded with important vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that the body needs for good health. Enjoy a nutritious Thermojetics Protein Bar between meals and you won’t feel like you’re missing a thing. In fact, this protein bar tastes so good you might even feel guilty after eating it!

This great-tasting protein bar is powered by 12 grams of hunger-fighting protein. Each bar contains only 150 calories so you can stay energized while reducing body fat. The carbohydrates in the bar are derived from sugar alcohols and fiber, which are metabolized to fatty acids in the intestine. These carbohydrates do not stimulate a significant insulin response and contribute only 1.33 grams per bar.

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