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What Are Vitamin B12 Foods

Vitamin B12 Foods For You

We all know that it makes good sense to try for a balanced diet. A mixture of protein, dairy, whole grains, and lots of produce helps stop a spread of sicknesses and conditions, while promoting general good health. The balanced diet provides acceptable amounts of each one of the nutrient elements our bodies need. Here, we put the focus on only 1 such nutrient, in the B-complex group, vitamin B12. Ensuring you get enough amounts of vitamin B12 foods is more critical than you may have thought. Let's have a look and see why. Assimilation of vitamin B12 involves a complicated metabolic process : as we get older, our bodies become less able to assimilate this important nutrient. If you are over fifty, it's much more likely that you'll develop a vitamin B12 deficiency. The result? You become more subject to coronary disease, with a raised risk of stroke and vision issues, including cataracts. Many studies have also indicated a likely relationship between vitamin B12 deficiency and multiple sclerosis. Most medical execs agree that insufficient amounts of vitamin B12 can cause clinical depression. Given these results, it is clear that vitamin B12 foods are a very important consideration in our diets. Here, we identify the major vitamin B12 food sources.

Food Products Qualifying As Vitamin B12 Foods:

Beef , especially organ meat , for example liver and kidney, are high in vitamin B12.If you do not care for organ meats, other glorious vitamin B12 foods include fish, birds, and beef. For example, merely a 3 oz.

Portion of salmon or trout offers a whopping eighty percent of your daily B12 need. Eggs and dairy foods are also excellent for B12 ; but it is important to make the difference between older and younger people, with older folk having a reduced capability to absorb and metabolize B12. It has been scientifically established that older folks, taking a B12 supplement, generally absorb only about ten percent of the amount provided in the supplement. You can see that, if you are older, getting satisfactory amounts of vitamin B12 thru our diet can be cryptic. While you may load up on vitamin B12 foods, you'll still finish up with a deficiency. So, what's the answer?

Interestingly, the process used to fortify breakfast cereals with vitamins bypasses the metabolic problems of absorption inherent in vitamin B12. This means that a fortified breakfast cereal which provides 100% of you B12 requirements assures you obtain this valuable nutrient and avoid a deficiency. Next time you go shopping, check the labels on some of the fortified breakfast cereals. The amount of B12 provided will vary, from 25% to 100%. If you're older, you'll want to choose a cereal that give you that 100%

There's no question that vitamin B12 foods are good for you. With a well balanced diet and a serving of fortified breakfast cereal - everyone can enjoy the benefits of this nutrient and avoid the health problems a deficiency can cause.

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