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The Power of Protein

Fed up with Diets? Tired? Overweight? Optimizing your protein intake through Formula 1 may help you to lose weight!

Why Do We Need Protein?

  • Protein — Life’s building blocks
  • Our bodies are made up of 25% protein!
Protein is made up of small building blocks called amino-acids. There are nine essential amino-acids, needed by the body for optimum function.

We need protein to stay strong and healthy. If we don’t eat enough protein our bodies will steal it from our muscles and organs. In fact, protein is essential for the development of our muscles, which leads to an increase in the burning of calories. Our muscles could be described as ‘fat furnaces’ as they keep our metabolism running high.

The carbohydrate confusion

Traditionally, we were taught that carbohydrates should provide our body with its primary supply of energy. However, many people have confused fast-releasing carbohydrates (pasta, cakes) and slow-releasing carbohydrates (whole grains, vegetables), eating too many of the former — the tempting, convenient, tasty variety! Most of us lead sedentary lives, so any excess energy (from carbohydrate-rich food) is stored as body fat.

Today’s over-consumption of fast-releasing carbohydrates on a daily basis is creating a global population of “overweight” carbohydrate-eaters!

Our bodies need a balanced diet for optimum health. The right daily intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat are the determining factors when we try to achieve and maintain optimum health.

It makes sense then to reduce your carbohydrate intake, choose ‘good’ unsaturated fats that provide research-proven health benefits, ensure you eat plenty of fresh wholefoods such as fruit and vegetables, and increase your protein intake in line with your body’s needs. Remember to use lean protein that doesn’t contain significant levels of fat.

Protein helps to satisfy!

When you eat a balanced diet with the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates for your body, your appetite is also satisfied, reducing the desire to snack! See how well this method works for you if you’re trying to lose weight while battling hunger-pangs between meals.

Optimise your protein intake with Formula 1 and lose weight!

  1. Eat regular meals spaced throughout the day
  2. Choose slow-releasing carbohydrate foods (whole grains)
  3. Increase your intake of “live” foods (fresh fruit and vegetables)
  4. Identify your body’s protein needs and consume the amount you need!

How much protein do you need?

On average:
• Women need 100g protein per day.
• Men need 150g protein per day.

Soy! All the goodness of high quality protein, with minimal fat!

Soy protein is one of the highest quality plant proteins available. It’s an excellent source of amino-acids, in addition to containing antioxidants.

Herbalife’s Personalized Protein Powder helps you match your ideal personal protein intake in line with your body’s needs. Its neutral flavour means you can add it to your Formula 1 meal replacement shake!

Personalized Protein Powder supplies a special blend of whey and soy proteins, and allows you to customise your diet with the right amount of protein, and minimal additional calories. Each 6g serving contains 5g of protein.

How do I include protein in my daily diet?

If your target protein intake is 100g of protein per day, here’s an example of how you can consume 100g every day:

Breakfast Chocolate Formula 1 shake (17g) + 2 tablespoons Personalized Protein Powder (10g) = 27g
LunchVanilla Formula 1 shake (17g) + 2 tablespoons Personalized Protein Powder (10g) = 27g
SnackHPLC Peach Mango Drink (15.2g)
Evening meal3oz/85g of lean chicken (31g)

Total Protein100.2g

Note: Adding one to three level tablespoons of protein supplement powder to your meal replacement shake can add up to 15g of high-quality protein.

Formula 1 for protein

Formula 1 meal replacement shakes are loaded with heart-healthy soy protein. They include essential vitamins and minerals to provide all the nutrition of a meal with a minimum of calories. They can be mixed with semi-skimmed milk.

Look at these tasty high protein snacks!

  • Craving something sweet?
    Grab an HPLC protein bar (Each HPLC bar contains 12g of protein)
  • Got the urge for crisps or nuts?
    Have a handful of HPLC Roasted Soy Nuts (Each serving contains 11.2g of protein)
  • Want a refreshing, fruity beverage?
    How about an HPLC Peach Mango Drink (Each serving contains 15.2g of protein)?

These snacks allow you to add variety to your daily protein intake.

What’s more, you’ll see that the more protein you consume the less you’ll feel the need to snack on unhealthy foods between meals!

Protein Counter

Take a look at the graph below and start planning delicious protein-filled meals!

Food ItemOne Unit Calories Protein (g)
Vanilla Formula 1 + semi-skimmed milk + PPP2 scoops F1 + 250ml milk + 2 tbsp PPP26327
Egg whites7 whites11525
Low fat cottage cheese1 cup14028
Turkey breast85g/3oz (cooked weight)13525-30
Chicken breast85g/3oz (cooked weight)14026-31
Lean red meat85g/3oz (cooked weight)145-16025-30
Tuna113g/4oz (water pack)14527
Soy burgers2 patties16026
Tofu, firm1 cup18020 (varies)


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