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Food Myths

Diet Myth or Fact? Believing common food and diet myths can keep you stuck in a weight-loss rut. Get the facts from our ShapeWorks™ experts and leave the myths, and your excess pounds, behind!

Myth #1: Cutting down on portion size is the best way to lose weight.

Not necessarily. If you attempt to lose weight by just eating less of your regular foods you are likely to gain the weight back again. Lasting results will come from changing the types of foods you are eating, not just the amounts.

Myth #2: Just cut out fat and you’ll lose weight.

This approach to weight loss, popular in the 80’s simply doesn’t work. Just because a food is labeled “fat-free” it can still be high in calories from sugar and carbs. Effective weight loss comes from being mindful of your fat intake as well as your total calorie consumption.

Myth #3: Cutting calories causes your body to go into starvation mode and slows weight loss.

This is untrue. The most your metabolism can adapt is by about 15 percent of total calories burned. Nevertheless, eating too few calories can make you lose precious lean muscle mass, which will eventually slow metabolism. Ideally, stick to the calorie count that is right for your body with the ShapeWorks™ program.

Myth #4: High-protein diets cause ketosis, which reduces hunger.

Ketosis occurs when fat is used as an energy source instead of carbohydrate during a high-protein diet. Ketone bodies are produced, which turn your breath a bad “fruity” odor. Ketone bodies do not reduce appetite, however, eating sufficient protein for your body type can help reduce hunger and support weight loss.

Myth #5: Exercise alone can help you lose weight.

While exercise is an important component of a healthy weight-loss program, it is not a great way to lose weight on its own. Exercising for even an hour at a time burns sadly few calories. Combining exercise with calorie reduction and a healthy eating plan is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off.


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