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Body Mass Index Calculator

Is my weight healthy?

Donít look to your bathroom scale for the answer! Instead, the ShapeWorks™ program encourages you to calculate your BMI, or Body Mass Index — a wellness indicator based on your height and weight. Once you know your results, the ShapeWorks™ program can help you bring your BMI into the range that is healthiest for you.

Calculate your BMI now!

Why know your BMI?

As you set personal goals on the way to changing how you look and feel, your BMI can serve as an accurate indicator of overall well-being. A high BMI can be associated with serious health risks including
  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • cancer

What your results mean

Your BMI provides a helpful guideline for achieving the weight range thatís healthiest for you. You can interpret your BMI results as follows:

Below 20slender-lean
20 to 25ideal weight range
25 to 30overweight (25-27 could be healthy range if large-boned and heavily muscled)
30 +very overweight / high risk
40 +significantly overweight / high risk for health complications

Based on your BMI results, we encourage you to explore your personal path to healthier living with the help of your personal ShapeWorks Coach. Your Coach is a wellness consultant dedicated to helping people change their lives, both through powerful one-on-one support and good nutrition made simple!

Calculate your BMI now!

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ShapeWorks™ Weight Loss Programs

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Healthy weight loss made simple.
Healthy weight loss with enhancers.
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Healthy weight loss with protein flexibility for hunger control.
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Weight loss with enhancers and protein flexibility.
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Maximum weight-loss support with extra enhancers, protein snacks and protein flexibility.

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